Date a guy who writes.

Date a guy who writes.

Date a guy who always travels with a pen in his pocket, a guy who writes so fast that his penmanship is illegible to others. He will not be easy to find. He can be anywhere, he can be anyone. And yet, when you find a guy who writes, you are sure to find someone worthwhile.

Date a guy who writes. Date a guy who would be able to tell you ‘I love you’ in a thousand ways, in different languages. Date a guy who’ll craft a romance for the both of you, one that others cannot imagine.

He won’t need anything but a pen, but whatever you give him, he’ll appreciate. Behind every little gift you give him, he’ll try to dissect your mindset, figure out the hidden message. He’ll spin tales about your escapades, retell the tale of your love with the finest words known to man.

Follow his every request, no matter how strange. Know that he has every little detail already written down in his head, and the reason why he’s telling you to go the park in the middle of the day is because he would like to ask for your hand in marriage, or because he’s bought you your favorite book. Appreciate that he’ll spend days making intricate plans just to make your time worthwhile, all because the lovers he has read and written about do the same.

Date a guy who is constantly talking. He will share with you his ideas about life, love, and anything under the sun. Keep talking to him, let him know that you care about what he thinks about.

Date a guy who is the embodiment of chivalry, who has read every fairy tale as a boy and would now like to write his own. Date a guy who would appreciate your beauty with words you wouldn’t have known without him - he’ll talk about how smooth your hair is, and how he could drown in your eyes. Know that every word he speaks is truth.

Inspire him. Smile at him, kiss him. When his heart pounds, and he literally does not know what do next, lead him on. Know that the romantics he’s written about are very different from the romantics he’s experienced, and that he’ll need time to adapt to commitment. Stay with him all the way.

He’ll propose to you with a poem, or with a letter. And if you say yes, you’ll get married somewhere desolate, with only your closest friends and the minister. You’ll settle somewhere where you can be alone, like a seaside cottage. In his last days, he’ll love you, and he’ll cherish you, and he’ll write you something beautiful everyday. Know that he will never abandon you, all because he believes in true love, and soul mates. Believe, like he does.

Date a guy who writes.

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